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Internet is the fastest way to reach your customers and mobile app is the media. Mobile app development experts at Aritha help you build apps that are secure, architecturally superior and easy to use. Our modern development methodologies help you achieve faster time to market. Our rich pool of talent brings decades of experience in designing complex systems and classy UX. Whether you need an open source based solution or a customized solution, we can support you. Meet our technologists to discuss strategies to make your app development project seamless and pocket friendly.

User interfaces designed with Material Design principles exhibit intuitive match with user cognition as these are inspired by textures of physical world. Intuitive interfaces are predictable, consistent and responsive in nature. Dealing with limited space, and user attention span, designing plays a pivotal role in mobile apps. Layout division, content distribution, component visibility and material density play a major role in enhancing user experience in using your mobile apps. Our UI/UX experts bring the best of these principles to enhance your product usability.

Our full range of app development services includes Hybrid and Native apps development for Android and IOS. Cloud based apps that include geo location services, third party integrations and streaming content for ecommerce, eLearning, entertainment, IoT and enterprise mobile apps are also a part of our offering. AI/ML enabled algorithms provide you customer intelligence driven functioning thereby enhancing user experience.

Let’s take an example of ecommerce app where customer buys online. When you have a customer walk in to your physical store, you sense some information about the customer and respond accordingly. Machine Learning enables your ecommerce portal to do the same – understanding the customer profile and serve accordingly. This enhances sales as people prefer to buy from stores that understand their buying preferences.

Machine Learning tools offer the following features:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Chat bots
  • Intelligent Search algorithms
  • Improved security by behavioral recognition of fraudulent transactions

Get an Intuitive Understanding Of Machine Learning

With the advent of Data Analytics, access to Customer Intelligence and drawing inferences out of customer data helps you make informed decisions in building your marketing and operational strategy. The data collected from real customer interactions are cleaned, analyzed and presented to gain meaningful insights which help you build business strategies that are based on real customer stories.

Data Analytics enable you with:

  • Online sales trends & patterns insights
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Dashboard of customized reports in intelligible formats

Aritha has a team of qualified and committed professionals who have come together to build a solid workforce that diligently delivers technology solutions helping customers solve various business problems.


At Aritha our technology & domain expertise enables our customers to build professional e-learning platforms.


Partnering with Aritha offers you reliable industry’s best practices, strategies, and effective data analytics solutions that provide you the intelligence to build actionable insights.


If you would like to gain advantage from the latest technology in ECommerce, then it is time for you to consult our technologists.


Our services are directed to help you achieve quality at speed by arriving at the best test strategy.