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We build the language in which your business data can speak to you.

Most of the modern businesses capture and store vast amount of valuable raw data generated from real life transactions but are still unable to recognize some of their business pain points in a scientific manner. This is mainly because the data which is captured needs to be cleaned, treated and analyzed to gain meaningful insights without which the technology investment to gather the data goes in vain. An interpretation of this data via intelligible formats helps you make business decisions that are guided by real customer stories. Aritha’s Analytics solutions help you dive deeper into your customer stories, help you gain close insight, so that you can make business decisions based on intelligence provided by software solutions tailor made for your business.

Aritha’s Analytics solutions help you sift through dynamic and voluminous data to gain visibility of your areas of interest and hand you the superpower of predictive analysis. Partnering with Aritha offers you reliable industry’s best practices, strategies, and effective data analytics solutions that provide you the intelligence to build actionable insights. Our expertise in various data analytical software systems and building customized analytical solutions has helped our customers identify various trends, patterns and outliers.

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  1. Cloud enabled solutions
  2. Data consumption, cleaning, extraction, transformation
  3. Descriptive & Predictive analysis
  4. Dashboard reporting

  1. Collect
    • generate data pipelines to collect data from various structured and unstructured data sources
    • Design and implement database systems
    • Design and implement data flows using Kafka and other streaming platforms and messaging queues
    • Collating data from various sources

  2. Clean
    • Clean the data and remove various inconsistences
    • Using various statistical techniques we can perform the below
    • Handle outliers
    • Remove biases

  3. Describe
    • Generate descriptive data analytics
    • Design and implement various queries
    • Design and implement intuitive analytical dashboards with drill down capabilities
    • Data processing and tabulation

  4. Predict
    • Use statistical and machine learning models to generate predictions
    • Trend analysis
    • Sales predictions
    • Customer churn
    • Predictive maintenance

Aritha has a team of qualified and committed professionals who have come together to build a solid workforce that diligently delivers technology solutions helping customers solve various business problems.


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